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February 01 2017

BREXIT To Be Cancelled After Remain Voters All Agree Leave Voters Have Changed Their Mind

The entiriety of the UK has decided to cancel triggering article 50 and leaving the EU because the people who voted Remain are entirely sure that every Leave voter was misled.

"Now that we know that the £350 million pound claim on the side of the bus was false, the entire thing should be scrapped." said Mr Ivor Ree-Tower. "Never mind that it was a Tory campaign to scupper the Leave vote by making it look ridiculous. This obviously means the vote was invalid - fair is fair."

Another Remain voter Mrs Libby Simperington agreed. "I've heard some scurrilous rumours that the vote was centred around immigration but that just simply can't be true."

"There aren't even any foreign faces on the street where I live, where also coincidentally every one of my neighbours voted remain."

"I think the Leave voters must have been lower class types who didn't understand how the voting slips worked due to their lower education and voted Leave by accident."

"So of course we have to ignore their uneducated votes.""

The government also issued a statement itself saying they did a poll of their MPs and it turned out the vote should have been 75% to remain. "Obviously this result is more likely to be the real one than the flawed public vote" the statement says "because the plebs dont' know what is good for them. Don't expect us to listen to them any time soon."