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Posts for February 2017

February 21 2017

Suspicious Death Of Russian Envoy Ruled Completely Unsuspicious

It could happen to anyone.
February 17 2017

Tony Blair Says We Should Ignore The Will Of The People

Democracy is overrated.
February 17 2017

UK Government Says Fishermen Won't Get Back Their Waters Because Of Pure Spitefulness

I bet you wish you'd voted remain now.
February 13 2017

Paul Nuttall Unfazed By Screeching Press Before Stoke Election

Water off a duck's back.
February 11 2017

Diane Abbot Utterly Destroyed On Twitter Once Again

I don't think you've thought this through.
February 11 2017

Trump Making A List Of All The People Trying To Stop The Travel Ban, Vows Swift And Violent Retribution

And curses upon their family to the eighth generation.
February 11 2017

Whining Bitches At The Guardian Release Article Slamming "Extremist British Bloggers"

Why can't we bring back print only media where we can filter what gets out?
February 01 2017

BREXIT To Be Cancelled After Remain Voters All Agree Leave Voters Have Changed Their Mind

The entiriety of the UK has decided to cancel triggering article 50
February 06 2017

Paul Joseph Watson Of Infowars Contractually Obliged To Always Shout By Alex Jones

Suspected to also be a side effect of Brain Force serum.
February 06 2017

UK Government Reveals Curbing Immigration Impossible Because Fuck You That's Why

Don't even think you can escape the diversity.
February 04 2017

Michael Fallon Vows To Crush Russia Like An Empty Coke Can

The Defence Secretary is also changing his job title to The Offence Secretary
February 08 2017

Peter Hitchens Still An Insufferable Defeatist Bore

You are all doomed.
February 04 2017

Jeremy Corbyn To Punish 50 MPs Who Defied Party Whip Over Article 50 By Sending Them To The Naughty Step

Also considering sending them to bed without any dinner.