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Posts for October 2020

October 26 2020

Actively Starving Children Now Official Tory Policy

We expect you to patriotically starve for the good of the country young chaps
October 23 2020

Multiple Peer Reviewed Scientific Studies Have Confirmed That Sleaford Mods Are Completely Shit

Managing to make a career out of sounding like an Adam Buxton parody song
October 20 2020

Nicola Sturgeon Shares Daily Routine In Bid To Connect With Voters

You English bastids wid nae last a minute
October 20 2020

Conservative Government Unveils Offical "Fuck You" Policy For The North In Response To Covid 19 Related Economic Crisis

You'll all be replaced by robot slaves in a decade or two anyway
October 19 2020

Faith In Postal And Online Voting Plan For The US Election At An All Time High

It's never been easier to cast your vote, or someone else's.