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February 07 2017

Remain Voters Confirm They Are In Psychic Contact With Every Person Who Didn't Vote In the Brexit Referendum

The people who voted Remain in the EU referendum have banded together and made a public announcement. This happened via all their personal facebook accounts from the second the results were in, up until this day.

The message is clear. They have psychic powers.

Despite the referendum having the largest turnout of any political vote ever, the will of the people was still not carried out because not all the Remain voters actually voted. Speaking to Mr Ivor Ree-tower (who voted Remain) he said that they can not allow this to happen because all Remain voters joined together in a kind of multi Vulcan mind meld and channeled their collective power to read the minds of every non voter.

The results were shocking.

Ivor spoke to our reporter and told us "100%, without fail, of non-voters wished to remain in the EU. We can now set the record straight and amend the referendum result to be 37% Leave and 63% Remain. To be honest now we have this data I don't even think we need to campaign for an amendment to the result, we need to campaign for the racist traitorous blood of Leave voters to stain every gutter."

"It's the only way to bring peace and unity to this country. "