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February 11 2017

Trump Making A List Of All The People Trying To Stop The Travel Ban, Vows Swift And Violent Retribution

Speaking to the Associated Press today, Trump gave his thoughts on the current suspension of his travel ban.

"What don't these idiots understand? This is the will of the American people. It's not like I've sprung this on everyone out of nowhere. Pretty much my entire campaign was saying I would shut down the borders, fuck China, fuck Mexico and fuck Islam"

"I've decided the best way to deal with this is to wait a week or two, and if the people trying to block this still haven't shut the fuck up, I'll get the FBI to use that secret heart attack gun they have on them. Maybe drone strikes. Maybe I'll send a SWAT team in. It's gonna happen though."

Trump went on to explain that as he was the President, he can do what he wants. Also with faith in the media at an all time low, no one would believe he had anything to do with the deaths anyway.

"I could just bust into the Democratic Party headquarters with an Uzi and gun them all down, and if anyone mentioned it all I would have to do is tweet "Obvious fake news by failing CNN again!" and my supporters would lap it up."

"These people have no idea who they are fucking with. It will be a bloodbath."