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February 13 2017

CNN Continues To Call For The Banning Of Guns Because They Kill, While Calling For The End Of The Travel Ban Because Islamic Terror Has Never Killed

CNN today released an article highlighting the need to ban guns after the increase of violence over the last few years involving guns.

"All around the world, we have seen violence erupt because of the existence of guns. Incidents such as the Bataclan shooting in France, the Charlie Hebdo shooting in France again, the Pulse Nightclub shooting in Florida, and countless others. We could list them all but this page would never end." The article states.

It goes on to analyse some of the motives of the perpetrators.

"The Bataclan shooting was performed by people obviously traumatised by the violent country they had fled, a country in the grips of an extreme religious war. If these poor men didn't have access to guns, this would never have happened."

"The same can be said for the Charlie Hebdo attackers. We need to nurture these people more when they come to our countries, to try and heal them so these incidents don't occur. Obviously, we also need to ban them from having guns.

"The Pulse nightclub shootings are a classic case of homophobia spilling over into hate. The man who shot these people was obviously an extreme homophobe who was sick of being persecuted by Christian, white males. Yes he was Muslim as well but that has no bearing on the matter. The real crux of this is he had a gun. If he didn't have a gun, he couldn't have shot anyone."

The Nice truck attack in France where 80 people were killed by a recently imported foreign national was not mentioned in the article. When our reporter asked CNN how they viewed this they were quick to reply.

"You make a very good point. We don't just need to ban guns, we need to ban assault trucks as well. We'll be publishing an article on this soon."