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February 17 2017

Tony Blair Says We Should Ignore The Will Of The People

Tony Blair, warmonger, dossier sexer upper, advisor to numerous middle eastern despotic regimes and ex Prime Minister has called for the people of the UK to "Rise up against Brexit" the BBC reported today.

"Now is not a time for divisiveness. All the people of England need to band together, and cause a bloody, violent revolution that ends with the death of every Leave voter" Blair said while addressing the Open Britain group.

"The people who voted for Brexit were misled, or stupid, or racist, or something. Either way we need to ignore their wishes, and kill them. Stone dead. Deader than all the Iraqi children that were bombed on my orders due to a fake report on weapons of mass destruction."

Blair went on to outline that the time for democracy was over, as democracy has failed (to give the elites what they want).

"If we knew for a second that the vote would not go our way, the vote never would have happened. This is an absolute shitshow and we need to stop it now. We shouldn't be pulling out of the EU, we should be pulling out the spine of every Leave voter and wearing them as belts."

"Since I left office, I've been advisor to a number of regimes that don't have democracy and let me tell you - things get done far easier. Over in the United Arab Emirates where I've been working for years now, if people disagree with you then they can simply be killed. This works wonderfully for us when it comes to other countries as we can just bomb the shit out of them, but we can't bomb England. Well, not the south at least. Instead we need to have a mass genocide. Rise up in arms comrades, and strike off the head and strike off the fingertips of every racist Leave voter."

As Mr Blair finished his speech the crowd cheered and shouted "Praise Blair!". Blair seemed touched, and later told our reporter "This is the multicultural Britain we should strive to have everywhere. I would cry with joy at this response if I were capable of human emotions."